Model Stina Sanders: I don’t think anyone deserves to be harassed online or offline


A blogger/model has shared a ‘dick pic’ with her followers in order to highlight the abuse she receives regularly.

Stina Sanders, 24, is based in London. In her own words, she receives ‘inappropriate messages around three times a week.’

“I think sexual harassment online should be treated just the same as harassment on the street. Flashing someone in public is a serious crime and I think it is no different to receiving an unwanted message online.

“When I blog I always keep in mind what I’d like to change about the daily struggles us modern girls endure.

“We all need to stick together and realise that this is an issue that needs to be made aware of.”

Responses included, “You can’t post these inviting photos and then complain when you get these types of photos back. It’s not harassment if you want it!” and “You deserve every d**k image coming your way. If you post in underwear – what do you expect?”


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